A strange idea for August: visit Liechtenstein!

Vaduz - Liechtenstein
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August, 15th in Italy is the day of Assumption of Mary and a great part of people doesn’t work in this day. But some years ago I discovered that there is another State where the same day is important at the same way: Liechtenstein. In this country, one of the littles in the World, on August, 15th people celebrates the national day to remember the birthday of old prince Franz Joseph II (1908-1989).

In the capital city, Vaduz, every year arrive a lot of tourists to see the celebration, firstable from Switzerland and Austria, but also from German and Northern Italy. Citizens of Liechtenstein have national flags out of their houses and expect this moment for all the year. The most important part of the program is the final fireworks performance from the top of the mountain where is the prince’s castle. Very beautiful, at top position of similar events in Europe. This show is also very proud, how you could see in this photo. During the day you could visit a great market, have time for expositions, music and dance, in the little and kind center of Vaduz.

This town is number one for perfection: clean, calm, with elegant houses. We are in one of the States with hightest GDP, and you could see with your eyes. Banks and modern palaces of financial are important here as well as places of government…

I think the best is to arrive in Liechtenstein from Feldkirch, Austria, where is a very good hostel. This city is at the border of Principality, and Vaduz is very close by car. Remerber that… Austria is cheaper!

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